Brewbox is a projet led by Beerfactory which aims to design and build a software and an hardware electronic board for monitoring and controlling the brewing process. Brewbox targets homebrewers by providing a versatile solution which can be adapted to different needs or capacity.

Brewbox hardware part is composed of an electronic board which can be attached to a single board computer like a Raspberry Pi or a BeagleBone black. The board interfaces with the brewery equipments through a set of input or outputs ports, like DAC / ADC, I2C, SPI or logicial I/O. The board adapts to low voltage for equipments like sensors or low power motors. It also adapts to high voltage (up to 240V AC) for equipments like heater or power motors.

On the software side, Brewbox is made of different software parts for driving the electronic board. It also provides a user GUI which allow the brewer to monitor its equipments, setup brewing batch and control the brewing process.